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For Tanning Professionals in Redhill Look to The Beach

We can provide a solution for all your tanning requirements. We have specially trained beauty experts who safely perform tanning procedures in Redhill. If you need more information contact us today. A visit or even a call will be adequate for outlining a plan for your tanning treatment. Call The Beach on 01293 221973 for all your tanning needs.

Find the Right Beautician in Redhill to Assist You

Are you thinking of consulting a beautician in Redhill? For getting the skin colouring that you've always wanted, ask experienced beauty experts for tanning services. You are probably planning for a special holiday and want a tan to enhance your natural look. Contact our beauticians for guidance on tanning procedures. For more information on tanning contact us today.

Tanning Explained in Redhill

Greater amounts of the tanning pigment melanin, are produced when skin is exposed to ultraviolet light. This pigment is then transferred to the top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. Continued exposure to ultraviolet rays then oxidises this melanin once it has reached the surface. When this same melanin turns brown to protect the skin from the sun's rays, it creates what we call a tan. Now you can achieve the same results with spray tanning in Redhill.

Get Great Tanning Results in Redhill

You need melanin to create and maintain a tan. In a salon environment you can tan without risk of sunburn. A natural tan can be achieved with salon tanning which provides the necessary UV rays. Our beauty consultants use tanning lotions that are designed to encourage the melanocytes to rise to the surface of the skin where the pigment gets oxidised giving an immediate tanned effect. Get the beautiful skin you've always wanted with our effective tanning procedures in Redhill.

Professional Tanning Services in Redhill

Our beauticians utilise the very latest in tanning technology. Our beauty consultants offer tanning treatment in a comfortable, modern environment. We can provide you with expert advice and extensive skin consultations. Your views and opinions are taken very seriously and these are addressed during the consultation sessions. In Redhill, you'll find safe, reliable tanning at The Beach.

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